The Lindy® Model 424

LexaLite’s The Lindy® Model 424 refractor and prismatic top feature a traditional turn-of-the-century shape and state-of-the-art photometric performance. The 424 Series is available in IES Type III and Type V distributions, and will classify as medium, non-cutoff or semi-cutoff, depending upon lamp type and lamp center location. The assembled refractor bottom and top are 15.9″ in diameter, 23.16″ high and are available in 8″ or 9″ diameter fitters for pole heights 10’–20’. Both the refractor and prismatic top are available in polycarbonate, for use in areas where breakage is a concern; and HID acrylic and acrylic Moon Glow™ (diffuse acrylic), for high efficiency in general lighting applications. Both components can be produced in high heat acrylic and impact acrylics.


LexaLite’s Model 424 refractor and Model 424 prismatic top are for use in parks, along walkways, roadways or areas where a distinctive nostalgic theme is prevalent.

The Model 424 is capable of being used with 150W diffuse HPS or 175W coated MH vertical base down lamps and can be used with up to 250W lamps. Luminaire design, reflector configuration, lamp position and ambient temperature will affect the inside surface temperature. Thermal tests should be conducted on each luminaire design to confirm appropriate lamp size for the application.