Welcome to the faster, greener, more affordable solutions to retrofitting – rather than replacing – existing light fixtures in nearly any imaginable indoor or outdoor application.

Since 1997, Lighting Plastics Solutions (LPS) has specialized in providing cost-effective retrofit lighting solutions for industrial and commercial buildings including hotels, hospitals, schools, universities, government offices, and other mature buildings. We know the importance of finding a valuable supplier that can partner with your sales and service team to provide prompt and effective solutions for even the toughest of lighting retrofit and LED green energy specifications. Our team offers knowledgeable, affordable solutions in nearly every imaginable indoor or outdoor application. We are trained to research, resource, and respond. It is what we do best, so you can focus on what’s important to your business growth.

Our relationships with today’s leading lighting and plastics manufacturers allow us to stock and source the latest and most extensive inventory of lighting diffusion and retrofit products. We offer a specialized variety of LED fixtures, energy efficient LED lamp products, hardware, and accessories. Our high level of service with quick turn times and fast shipping to your warehouse, customer, or jobsite is what has made us a leader in our industry.

At LPS, the possibilities are endless. And our solutions will inspire.

Better Margins. Better ROI. Better Planet.

LPS pricing and services provide improved margins for your company and more attractive, more energy-efficient retrofit and GREEN lighting solutions for your customers. Retrofitting delivers immediate cost savings and long term return on investment for property owners. It also offers greener, more energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions for us all.

Meet our LPS Leadership Team.

We would like to introduce you to the people who make LPS a leader in lighting retrofit and diffusion products. It takes a high-performing staff of individuals to deliver best-in-class service in an industry where “thinking outside the box” is required every day. Often times, finding a solution to retrofit requires a collaborative approach of ideas. Our team is trained to do just that. We would love for you to get to know us.

Research. Resource. Respond. It’s what we do best, so you don’t have to.


Owner & President, Tampa Bay HQ
800-587-3310 | jim@mylpsolutions.com

Jim Davis has been growing LPS and innovating lighting retrofit solutions from our original Clearwater, Florida headquarters since 1997. A visionary and entrepreneurial leader, Jim recognizes the importance of keeping up with the times, which includes the huge opportunities that have been created in the lighting industry through LED technologies, as well as many other exciting lines of lighting retrofit products that inspire customers to not only fix what they’ve got but, in doing so, find immense satisfaction in the savings and design advances that these products offer.

The mission, or goal of LPS, is to continually seek out and find the kinds of products that will allow lighting consumers to upgrade, update, and renew existing light fixtures, in a way that will provide a “like new” result, and provide energy saving that will often times show the user an impressive payback and/or savings in the service dollars they expend. This is our mission. Stay tuned, as we forge our ways together in this 21st century of lighting, and, thank you “Very Much” for your continued and unwavering support.


National Sales Manager, East Coast US
800-682-4197 | matt@mylpsolutions.com

Matt Cunningham brings a vast knowledge of the lighting industry to his customers sales’ counters and job sites. As one of the principals of LPS, Matt takes each and every customer inquiry to heart and always works to ensure that he brings 100% satisfaction to each transaction. Always willing to visit a project site with you, Matt will help suggest and find the right “lighting solutions” for you. Lighting retrofit is something he is very passionate about.If you are lucky enough to meet face to face with Matt, you will quickly find yourself engaged with not only a seasoned professional, but somebody you will quickly grow to call a friend. LPS celebrates 15 years with Matt on board, helping the LPS staff with solid counsel and leadership. Matt is the M in TEAM.


Regional Facility Manager, Tampa Bay
800-587-3310 | wayne@mylpsolutions.com

Fast approaching a decade of valuable service here at LPS, Wayne offers every customer he comes in contact with an exceptional experience, and a breadth of product knowledge that is unsurpassed. You can count on Wayne to evaluate your needs and supply you with the right answers to all your lighting product inquiries. With our ever evolving product line, he is on top of these products and will counsel you on the best lighting “Solutions”.


Regional Sales Manager- Atlanta Branch
770.817.7020 | walter@mylpsolutions.com

Walter Grain offers exceptional customer service skills and has quickly developed a broad knowledge base of our product lines.Always happy to visit a job site or review your product specs with you, Walter will work hard to find the right lighting solutions and provide a positive “beginning to end” service experience. Serving the Eastern US market, you can count on him to zero in on your needs and come up with the right lighting retrofit solutions from our arsenal of products. If you haven’t had the chance to meet him yet, please stop by our facility in Chamblee(north Atlanta) and say hello, or just give him a call or drop him an email. You’ll be glad you did.


Shipping Manager/Inside Sales, Atlanta Branch
770-817-7020 | elliot@mylpsolutions.com

LPS celebrates more than 3 years of service with our associate, Elliot Goff. Elliot helps to manage day to day operations of our Atlanta office, including shipping, production, and inside sales support. Elliot offers years of lighting experience as well as an extensive custom fabrication (plastics) background. Call on him anytime for a quick quote, or to check availability of product, and to help you find the right answers to all your lighting inquiries.